Trustee register of interests

A conflict of interest is any situation in which a trustee's personal interests or loyalties could, or could be seen to, prevent them from making a decision only in the best interests of the charity. Conflicts may arise where an individual's personal or family interests or loyalties could, or could be seen to, prevent the trustee from making a decision only in the best interests of the charity. Accordingly, our trustees are asked to declare their interests upon appointment, and to update them annually. In addition, if a situation arises which creates a new potential conflict of interest, trustees are required to declare it at the time, and this register is updated. GambleAware has instituted specific arrangements in respect of the research it commissions to avoid any conflict with the interests of trustees.

GambleAware's conflict of interest policy is available here.

Trustee Interest Nature of Interest Likely to deal with GambleAware?
Saffron Cordery NHS Providers Deputy Chief Executive No
Saffron Cordery (Close relative/Household Members) None   N/A
Professor Sian Griffiths Public Health England Interim Deputy Chair Yes
Professor Sian Griffiths Royal Society of Public Health Trustee Yes
Professor Sian Griffiths Centre for Health & Development, Stoke Chair Yes
Professor Sian Griffiths The Chinese University of Hong Kong Academic No
Professor Sian Griffiths Hong Kong Jockey Club Member No
Professor Sian Griffiths (Close relative/Household Members) None   N/A
Michelle Highman The Money Charity Chief Executive Unlikely
Michelle Highman NPSO End User Council Council member No
Michelle Highman (Close relative/Household Members) None   N/A
Alan Jamieson Long Lawford Memorial Hall Trustee and Treasurer No
Alan Jamieson Sir Edward Boughton Leigh Long Lawford Charity Trustee No
Alan Jamieson (Close relative/Household Members)  None   No
Professor Anthony Kessel Public Health England (PHE) Substantive employment contract is with PHE Yes
Professor Anthony Kessel London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) Honorary Professorship (and honorary contract) with LSHTM Yes
Professor Anthony Kessel (Close relative/Household Members) None   N/A
Kate Lampard Esmee Fairbairn Foundation Trustee  Yes
Kate Lampard Royal Horticultural Society Trustee No
Kate Lampard Verita Associate No
Kate Lampard GEHealthcare Associate No
Kate Lampard G4Splc Consultant No
Kate Lampard (Close relative/Household Members) None   N/A
Chris Pond Lending Standards Board Chair (Director) No
Chris Pond Equity Release Council Director No
Chris Pond Cape Claims Services Ltd Director No
Chris Pond Financial Inclusion Commission Vice-Chair No
Chris Pond The Money Charity Chair (Trustee) No
Chris Pond Caxton Foundation Trustee No
Chris Pond Family & Childcare Trust Trustee Yes
Chris Pond Centaurus Communications Ltd Adviser No
Chris Pond Z2K Trustee Yes
Chris Pond (Close relative/Household Members) None   N/A
Brigid Simmonds British Beer and Pub Association Director Yes
Brigid Simmonds Tourism Alliance Director Yes
Brigid Simmonds (Close relative/Household Members)  None   N/A
Professor Patrick Sturgis Quant Research Limited   No
Professor Patrick Sturgis University of Southampton   Yes
Professor Patrick Sturgis (Close relative/Household Members) None   N/A